Extreme Silk.

Wake up to luminous skin with Extreme Silk, natures healing serum for the face & neck. Created by John Drinkwater the new, totally natural, chemical free & targeted formula reduces the look of key signs of ageing and infuses skin with luminous youth. 

Impress yourself.

John Drinkwater is a pioneer in delivering professional products fresh to the market. Our serums are handmade in small batch quantities at our Queensland laboratory.
Proven results against Psoriasis, Eczema & Acne.


Feel Enchanted.

Extreme Silk is the purely natural, organic moisturiser & toner. Comprised of vitamin A, vitamin C, Silica & Jojoba, Extreme Silk has been specifically tailored to combat the ageing process.
For optimal results shake well before use.

Revitalise your life.

Extreme Silk, Australia’s purely natural serum, revitalisesrehabilitates, rehydrates and remedies your skin from the harsh deterioration of ageing.  John Drinkwater’s Extreme Silk is Australia’s all-new purely natural rehabilitation serum. 

The usual creams just could not provide the moisture that my skin craved. My girlfriend brought me back Extreme Silk and I have been using it religiously. The results speak for themselves – very happy.  Mia Fi

Queensland, Australia

I suffer pretty persistence Eczema.  Silk has enabled me to regain control of my skin. I am lucky. I carry a spare bottle with me, it is amazing how many other sufferers I meet that just have not found the relief I have. Ava Wen

NSW, Australia

I was at the hair salon and they all said my skin is glowing. Glowing! I am so happy… My complexion is even and my skin is soft. 

Thanks! Isabelle Castle

Victoria, Australia