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How does the Extreme Brown Cream work?
Our cream works by topical application directly onto the skin, absorbed into the bloodstream, in order to dissolve both uric and lactic acid. Further our cream removes calcification.
What is Extreme Brown?
Extreme Brown Cream is a topical anti-inflammatory that is absorbed up to two times as quickly as other leading brands.
Who is John Drinkwater and how did he get involved with pain mitigation?
John Drinkwater collaborated with a team of learned craftsmen who were already working towards alternative methods of health delivery. Due to John’s passionate approach to health and wellbeing he pursued this topical cream … 2008.
I am currently taking prescription medication, I am slowly developing a tolerance. Does Extreme Brown stop working with consistent use?
No, due to the natural ingredients contained in John Drinkwater’s Extreme Brown Cream the body does not develop a tolerance towards this remedy. Further, excluding allergies, John Drinkwater’s Extreme Brown cream does not come with any known side effects, a claim that big pharma cannot make about their products.
I run out of Extreme Brown cream and my pain comes back, what can I do?
By setting up scheduled deliveries of Extreme Brown Cream you will never need to worry about running out.
I have used Extreme Brown for three days, how long does it take to work?
Ideally, the Extreme Brown Silk Cream will work within the first five minutes from the application; that said, some consumers may find it takes up to 7 days for their other medications to allow our remedy to work.
Why have I not heard of the Extreme Brown cream?
Big pharma spends thousands of dollars on advertising, search engine optimisation and social media in order to push down health-related remedies. The very fact you have not heard about the Extreme Brown Cream is evidence of this.
How soon can I get my hands on Extreme Brown?
From purchase our products normally arrive within five days.
Do you have a shopfront? Why not?
Shopfronts add overheads which we do not believe support our consumers.
I want to give Extreme Brown cream as a gift- do you gift wrapping?
Yes, you can and that is a great idea. Give John a call and arrange this present today.
I get chemical burns from pain creams offered through my local chemist- does Extreme Brown cream burn or hurt the skin?
Due to the natural formula, Extreme Brown does not burn, or hurt the skin in any way. John Drinkwater has observed many consumers who buy over the counter medications which cause more pain than they are worth.
How can I interact with Extreme Brown on Social Media?
John Drinkwater is in the process of setting up Social Media.
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