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Majic Mist
Mineral Spray


Enjoy quality of life!

This amazing and totally natural formulation of pure minerals is to be sprayed onto any area of the body that gives you pain, and allows immediate relief.

Back & Lower Lumbar Remedy

Trying is Believing

Majic Mist – Mineral Spray allows immediate relief From Back pain, Planter fasciitis, Arthritis both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, bad knees, bone on bone, cartilage damage, ligament tears and gout. We recommend 10 – 15 sprays on any associated area of pain, before bed and 2-3 times daily as often as required. Never rub in once sprayed.

Reclaim Your Quality of Life, Today!

Get up & move.

Majic Mist consists of Manganese, Calcium, Potasium, Zinc, Vitamins a and c, Traditional purified water and is free of all chemical, preservatives and with no side effects.

No need to rub in! Just spray and leave.

Majic Mist or Extreme Brown

There are 2 products available now to assist you with your pain relief. The extreme brown, rub on version and the Majic Mist spray only, not to be rubbed in. When applying the Majic Mist you use 10 -15 sprays per application, thus your 150ml bottle may not last as long.

Jade Few

Queensland, Australia

I was sceptical. To be frank, it sounded all too familiar, all too predictable… sciatic pain treatment promised the world. Well, it delivered. To be honest I still have no idea how it works, I just know it works. 
Good enough for me!

Libby Carter

NSW, Australia

It is pretty miraculous! I holiday’d to Mullimbimby and met John at the Tweed Head markets. I purchased a bottle and started applying to my knees daily. After a lifetime of jogging and knee issues I have found the relief I was looking for.

Stephen Anderson

Victoria, Australia

A few years ago I found John on Google. I was looking up Emu oil.. I am so glad I did my research and decided to give Extreme Brown a go. Four months pain free, and four months of consistent application of Extreme Brown. Five stars.

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