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Extreme Brown Cream (100ml Bottle)

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Extreme Brown is an anti-inflammatory cream intended for topical application.
The Extreme Brown cream is absorbed faster than standard pain creams. It is effective in reducing inflammation associated with headaches, tension headaches, migraine headaches, back pain, dental pain, muscular pain, arthritic pain and sports injury.

Extreme Brown is purely natural. Comprised of Silicon, Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium, Peppermint, Vitamins A, Vitamin B & Vitamin C. It is now possible to alleviate pain whilst remaining purely natural.

John Drinkwater has spent more than a decade living with, treating, and celebrating his miraculous healing formula. Extreme Brown, created masterfully in Queensland, increases the bodies natural capacity to dissolve uric & lactic acid, something big- pharma won’t tell you.

1 review for Extreme Brown Cream (100ml Bottle)

  1. Emma

    41 year old who has picked up Highland dancing again after 23 years. With high impact movements, Extreme Brown is keeping this older body together. I get immediate pain relief from shin splints so I can continue to dance. It has helped relieve muscle pain in calves and thighs, and alleviated an old ankle injury. Really happy at how it’s helping me with the physical demands of this high impact dance.

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